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Beach Club Quiz

Event description

We all know the pub quiz, now we have the beach club quiz! Set on the beach at one of our local beach clubs, with a refreshing drink in one hand, let the games begin. Under the scrutiny of a real quiz master each team will strive to answer the round of questions. Question rounds will include general knowledge, photo recognition, buzz questions and a music round. Each correct answer will be awarded points, the team with the most points at the end of the quiz has bragging rights for the rest of the evening!

Quiz rounds

Buzz round
A panel with 5 buzzers, the first person to push the buzzer and provide the correct answer wins the point. Get the answer right means you stay on, get it wrong and the next group will take your place.

Question round
The quiz master will select the questions. Which of the brianiacs in your group has the correct answer. Don’t discuss it too loudly or the other groups may hear you! Who has the most correct answers at the end of the round?

Multiple choice
For every question from the quiz master there will be 2 answers provided, which one will it be?

Photo recognition
Who can piece together the photos for the correct answer? Hurry up because the team next to you is almost finished!

Music Quiz
The Quiz master will play fragments of popular (and not so popular) music. Which team will be the first to guess? Fragments will get shorter as the game progresses. I know that song! But do you also know who sang it?


Programm Example

  •  Quiz briefing
  • Team selections
  • Prize giving


1,5 hours


A location of your choice

Prices starting at

  • The Beach Club Quiz 10 to 25 persons € 22.50 p.p
  • The Beach Club Quiz 25 to 50 persons € 20.00 p.p
  • The Beach Club Quiz 50 or more persons € 17.50 p.p

*price includes Quiz Master, materials needed and prizes.
**optional additional rounds with your own questions/assignments € 150.00
***Prices for events on location of your choice on request.

Costs extensions

Options on request, please enquire for the possibilities.


Year round 7 days a week. (subject to booking availability)

Offer request


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