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The Robinson Team Experience

Event description

The Robinson experience encompasses a variety of challenges. Teams will be tested on their creativity, endurance, flexibility and of course muscle power. Each team is assigned an Island from which they will take on the other teams in a variety of challenges. There is a strong teambuilding aspect to each challenge so team cooperation is an essential ingredient for success. You will need all of the team members to complete each challenge. The Robinson experience consists of 6 parts. The first priority is to make the team flag, it will be judged on creativity and form. The flags are the team mascots and must be present at all the challenges. Positive votes can be earned by successfully completing each challenge and with enough votes your team could advance through to the final!

Which team has got what it takes to be a real Robinson?

Before we start the challenges the first assignement is to make a team flag. Each team is assigned a theme and a color. With the materials provided is up to your team to make the most spectacular flag, points will be awarded for creativity, originality and the ‘wow’ factor. The winning flag will receive extra votes for the Island council.

Challenge 1 : The Walking A
With the materials provided each team must construct a stable (A) frame. One team member will take position on the frame. The goal is to maneuver the frame across a laid out course in the shortest possible time. The team with the fastest time will be the winner of this challenge.

Challenge 2 : The Blindman’s Challenge
The playing field is filled with numbered balls, the object is to place as many balls in the correct bucket, in the correct order. Easy….not if the player is blindfolded. Teammates can coach the player from the sidelines. Guaranteed to be chaos!

Challenge 3 : Tactical Rope Pulling
This challenge not only requires strength but also relies on balance and tactics. Players will stand on a crate and try to pull the other off balance. Do you pull on the rope or let go…what will be your tactics for the win?

Challenge 4 : Einsteinrun
A combination of speed and general knowledge is essential for this challenge. The quizmaster sits in the center of the playing field. Teams take positions around him in a star pattern. In a relay race team members will run to the quizmaster for their questions, answer correctly and you earn a point for your team. If your answer is wrong you can either run back to your team and ask for help or a new team member has to take their turn.

Island Council
After the challenges have been completed each team will decide which team member will fight it out in the grand finale. The points earned during the challenges are converted to votes. If used tactically these votes can be used to elect more team members to participate in the final thus increasing your chance.

Grand Finale
The team members elected to play in the final will represent their team for the overall win. During the ultimate trivia quiz finalists will be able to earn blocks for every correct answer. Each block will be used to make a tower, the finalist with the highest tower is ultimately the winner. However, should your tower fall you have to begin from scratch.

Programm Example

  • Assemble at the beach location
  • Start of The Robinson experience
  • Prize giving
  • End of the event, and time for a drink
  • Beach BBQ or buffet (optional)
  • End of the event


2,5 hours


Our “home base” is Scheveningen (The Hague) where we work closely with several beach pavilions (other locations such as Zandvoort or Hoek van Holland are on request). Please visit our locations page for an overview and impression of the various locations which host our events.

Prices starting at

  • The Robinson experience 20 to 30 persons € 25.00 p.p
  • The Robinson experience 30 to 50 persons € 22.50 p.p
  • The Robinson experience 50 or more persons € 19.50 p.p

*Prices for events on location of your choice on request.

Optional Camp North and Camp South lifeboat
A beach rescue lifeboat is possible for groups starting from 50 persons or more € 25.00 p.p.

Costs extensions

Options on request, please enquire for the possibilities.


Year round 7 days a week. (subject to booking availability)

Offer request


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